Alpine Corrugated Machinery, Inc: Paper & Converting Equipment inventory

Paper & Converting Equipment

Last Updated On 12/10/2018

Paper Machines
Printing Presses
Slitter Rewinders


           Paper Cutting System        Syebold, Schneider, Knorr                (#MIS-1302)        view a photo

   Paper Machines

           110" / 2800mm Trim (9) Former-Cylinders Paper Machine.        Horne, Beloit, Langston                (#PMA-134)        view a photo

           126" / 3200mm Trim Fourdrinier Paper Machine        Bertram, Comer, Jagemberg                (#PMA-119)

           87" / 2200mm Fourdriner Paper Machine        Pasaban                (#PMA-127)

           88" / 2250mm Twin-Wire Paper Machine        Escher, Kufferath, Honeywell                (#PMA-132)

           88" and 92" Trim Foudrinier Paper Machines        Voith, Bellmer, Webco, Rice Ba                (#PMA-137)        view a photo

           90" / 2300mmTrim Cylinder-type Paper Machine        Escher, Kufferath, Honeywell                (#PMA-133)

           97" / 2450mm Trim Fourdrinier Paper Machine                        (#PMA-135)

   Printing Presses

           64" Planeta 7-Color Offset Press        Planeta        764        (#PPR-121)        view a photo

           98" / 2500mm Codben Chadwick 6-Color Flexo Press        Cobden Chadwick        Pre-Print        (#PPR-118)        view a photo


           55" / 1400 mm SHM Sheeter        Strachan Henshaw                (#SHE-154)        view a photo

           55" SHM Rotary Sheeter        SHM        1400 DK        (#SHE-169)

           57" Clark Aiken Rotary Sheeter        Clark Aiken        MDL D        (#SHE-170)

           57" Maxson Single Knife Rotary Sheeter        Maxson        MSL        (#SHE-164)        view a photo

           65" Jagenberg Synchro-Fly Sheeter        Jagenberg        Synvert 35-165 DL        (#SHE-152)        view a photo

           65" Maxson Dual Rotary Knife Sheeter        Maxson        MDK        (#SHE-168)

           65" Maxson Single Knife Rotary Sheeter        Maxson        MSH        (#SHE-165)        view a photo

           72" / 1850mm Marquip Rotary Sheeter        Marquip        100 L        (#SHE-160)

           78" Jagenberg Dual Fly-Knife Rotary Sheeter        Jagenberg        Synchro AS321        (#SHE-147)        view a photo

           80" Jagenberg Synchro 21 Sheeter        Jagenberg        BC-4-06        (#SHE-155)        view a photo

   Slitter Rewinders

           116" Beloit 2-Drum Slitter Rewinder        Beloit                (#WIN-171)


Alpine Corrugated Machinery, Inc: Paper & Converting Equipment inventory
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